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Baby shower invitations for a really good friend of mine.. obviously the theme was "bring a book"... also I'm still a bit old school and love a snail mail invite, cause really how can an e-vite look this awesome (did you see those tiny manila envelopes.... and those book stickers!!) Yes I made all of this myself... no templates cause I always make my life a little harder when it comes to crafty project.. It always starts out with a 'no pattern no problem' situation until I regret it a few minutes in though it doesn't really ever stop me.

Also for the same baby shower, I made baby Charlie a awesome mermaid tail...... also no pattern... the struggle, seriously!

Sometimes I make things for my house/kids (it doesn't always happen) Floor Poufs .... and lookie I kind of took process pictures.... maybe I thought one day I'll show the world.... bahahaha

This is a TV stand I up cycled from a dresser that was not being used in our old house. (Don't mind the cheesy smile) We desperately needed a TV stand after our last one warped from the weight of our dinosaur TV

This past summer I decided on a whim that we need our very own corn hole boards cause what the crap why not devote more time to craft projects. Also don't mind how disgusting I look these pictures... 

There are lots more project that I've done and a lot more that I have in the works. My family and I moved recently into the house my husbands grandfather built so there has been a lot going on these few months that we'e been here but hopefully I can actually most about those ones. 

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